You can make history by funding and voting for Lex Hannan to be the next State Representative of Kentucky's 66th District.  He is the first Libertarian to ever run for the 66th.

If 3,000 liberty minded patriots donate $10.00 to Hannan for Kentucky we'll have enough money to advocate for improvement, not mere change, in the Kentucky State Legislature.

With your donations we will help Lex Hannan crawl out of the depths of obscurity.  He can't make a difference if he can't get elected.  He can't get elected if no one knows his name.  Voters can't know his name without advertising.  Without donations there can be no advertising.  We don't like it any more than you do.  That's just how this election game is played.   

Please make a donation to Lex Hannan for Kentucky and tell your friends.



Thank you for supporting Lex Hannan for Kentucky. In order for me to comply with campaign finance laws, I must supply the following information to the Registry of Election Finance.

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You have until October 9, 2018 to register to vote.  The Secretary of State makes it easy to  register online.

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