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Libertarians, just like all freedom loving Americans - including many Democrats, Republicans and Independents - believe our rights are inalienable. We didn't earn them. We have them because we are human beings.  Governments do not give us our rights.  Governments exist to protect our rights.  But government agencies, like the State Legislature of Kentucky, too often fail to protect our rights and instead limit them.

The State Legislature of Kentucky has gone too far in limiting citizens' rights.  It has passed laws that may bankrupt the Commonwealth; underfund pensions for state employees; lock non-violent offenders in cages; take children from their parents; confiscate personal property; charge prisoners for room and board while awaiting trial; lock people in jail for failing to post bail; deny pain relief to patients suffering with cancer, fibromyalgia, Parkinson's disease, PTSD and epilepsy. 

Let's send some ideas for improvement to Frankfort:

  • Protect life (especially of the unborn), liberty & the pursuit of happiness
  • Reduce PTSD suicides by permitting veterans and first responders to use cannabis
  • STOP deaths from opioid overdose by legalizing cannabis
  • Protect the gun rights of Kentucky's citizens so that they can defend themselves
  • Secure free-markets
  • Reduce taxes and license fees
  • Sell state assets and return the money to taxpayers
  • STOP incarcerating non-violent offenders
  • STOP building new prisons
  • Close 50% of existing prisons and use savings to avoid bankrupting Kentucky
  • Pay state employees and retirees what is owed to them
  • Renegotiate state employee pension plans
  • Encourage competition in education
  • STOP prohibition
  • STOP foreign cartels and criminals from profiting from the illegal drug trade
  • Allow Kentucky's farmers to boost the economy by growing cannabis
  • Allow Kentucky business people to manufacture and market safe cannabis
  • Allow unemployed Kentuckians to have jobs packaging and selling cannabis
  • Encourage State agencies to protect citizens' rights; not restrict them


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Lex Hannan is for Kentucky


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